Saturday, April 11, 2020

Visions of the deep

Malaynaeh's journal

Day of the seahorse, season of the pale coral, year of the Maelstrom

It has been a long time.

I have stayed in the shadows, studying, preparing, waiting for the next alignment of the planets, to perform the next sacrifice.

Months and months of patience, reflection.  


When I sacrificed that human man, and then princess Elasmind, my vision and intention were true, I felt like I was doing the right thing. I WAS doing the right thing. The time is almost upon me to sacrifice the Priest. One of my own. One of a higher rank. One more powerful than me. What a waste.
I know that his sacrifice is willing, but part of me.. Feels like I would not put myself in that same position. 
Sacrifice myself, my life, at an instant for someone else's cause, someone else's goal, dream?
It feels wrong. It feels unnatural. 

I agreed to take this path as part of a deal I made with Cthulhu. A deal that meant I would live free again, swim again, breathe the ocean in, be free of  life on the land, whenever I chose. I am now more powerful than ever, I shape shift, I am no longer cursed and cast out.
But the price is steep. The things I must do keep getting darker and darker. The 7 sacrifices might be the end of me. 

I am beginning to feel like someone else. I am not sure who I am anymore. My dreams are not my own anymore. Ever since the dreams started, I have become more and more unsure of where my path is leading me. 

The dreams..
They began 3 moons ago. I was in my human form, in my cottage. I woke up during a full moon, short of breath, with flashes of a dream still vivid behind my eyes. Dark figures, stirring in the depths. Colossal, terrifying, with long teeth and dark eyes, waking up, waiting.
I closed my eyes and saw the flashes in my mind again; A cold chill ran down my spine all the way to my human feet. I did not realise what this meant until the next full moon.

When I had the dream again, the details were clearer. Figures shifted in the dark, distant echoes of a sleeping God, whispering to the colossal creatures. 
Then I saw flashes of myself, reading pages of my book, speaking the ancient language of my people, while performing the first two sacrifices. Red drops, green drops, falling on the pages. For every drop, a pair of eyes opened. Somewhere in the dark, somewhere far away.
I woke up, this time in my cave next to the ocean, my skin going dry, flaking, and my hands shaking from the dream. I slipped back in the water to swim to shore. Suddenly, the ocean felt like the most dangerous place to be. I finally understood.

I understood that I was the reason the creatures in my dreams are stirring. Because of my  actions, each one of these creatures is waking up, opening their eyes, tensing their muscles, preparing to rise. They were not dreams, but visions. Those things are out there. 

When I performed those sacrifices many moons ago, I knew I was offering up souls to Cthulhu. Gathering them, preparing them. I knew I was doing this to prove myself to the Order and taking the steps to become a priestess. 

But at no point was I warned this could wake other entities. 

Over the years, other aspiring priests and priestesses performed the 7 sacrifices and none of this happened. They offered the 7 souls, performed the final ritual, became part of the Order. 
No dark eyes shifting, no echoes from the deep, no giants waving their tails and claws.

Something is different this time. 

Just before the full moon just gone, I was prepared. I made a potion to induce a deep sleep, combining ingredients from the land and the sea, to remain protected. I wanted to make sure I don't wake up too fast from the visions this time. I needed to see more. Deep down I feel like no one from the Order even knows that these creatures are now stirring in the shadows. I had to know why I see them, and if they see me. 

Using a page of the Necronomicon, I sat down, drank the potion and began to read from the page, in a whisper. As I uttered the ancient words, my fingertips tingled while touching the black ink on the page. My hands started to feel weak. My mind began to blur, but I focused and kept reading, slowly and quietly. My voice started to break into echoes, and I knew I was about to enter the darkness.
Within seconds, reality faded like mist, the table and page in front of me was gone. I was in the dark, and I could see them. 
Only this time, there was more to see. I saw glimpses of pages from ancient books, describing and depicting each creature, who and what they are, where they come from, and what will cause them to rise. 
With horror, I found myself recognising some of the creatures. The dark eyes that stirred, the long slippery tentacles, hidden in the bottom of the ocean. The more I saw, the more I felt overwhelmed and helpless. My power is but a speck of sand compared to any of them. The terror and death they will bring.. Because of me. 
Then, I recognised myself in one of the pages, performing the ritual that resulted in my transformation back to my fish form, so long ago. Is this what Cthulhu set in motion when he turned me into a shape shifter? Was this all meant to happen?

Between the visions that were now getting blurry, and the page in front of me, I decided I had seen enough. I broke the vision and returned to reality. The ancient page was still under my hand, feeling hot to the touch. The crystals I had placed on it, looked darker than before, like they absorbed a shadow. I could barely breathe. 
My skin felt sticky and ill, as if I was just swimming in the dirtiest waters. My soul, or whatever is left of it by now, feels heavy. 

I sat there quietly and wondered what to do, if there is anything to be done at all.
One thing is for sure, nothing can be undone. Those creatures are waking up. 
Soon, sooner than I think, so will Cthulhu, and he will bring chaos, from the depths to the land, to the sky and beyond.

I can either embrace what seems to be destiny, or try to change the course of it. What is destiny after all, other than our own choices.. I still want to believe that.

Should I perform the third sacrifice, knowing that it will make a new pair of eyes stir in the darkness?

Does my victim know that when his blood  gets spilled, it will breathe life into one of those creatures? 

I will know soon enough.

Artwork created by Mr Zarono, shared with his permission.
Link to more of his art:

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Athg tharanak orr'e hrii - Sign the contract to bring the souls of followers

Almost a year has passed since her transformation.

Malaynaeh has been drifting in darker parts of the sea, learning how her new world works. She is now surrounded by truly powerful followers of Cthulhu, who have accepted to teach her their ways.

After months and months of adjusting to her new reality, she now faces the first serious challenge in order to prove herself.

Malaynaeh must accept to perform the 7 sacrifices.

An ancient ritual of initiation, the 7 sacrifices are a two-fold chain of rituals.
The Dark priest/priestess in training must sacrifice 7 souls, and for each soul, a piece of their own soul is extracted.

After every sacrifice, the priest collects a soul, and one token, which will serve as ingredients, when everything is completed.

Malaynaeh must gather 6 willingly given souls, and 1, more powerful soul which will be forcefully taken.

She will receive instructions for each one, as the method for each sacrifice is decidedly different.

But first, she must sign a sacred contract, pledging herself to this dark task and the consequences that come with it.

We are all slaves of our own choices.

Thank you to my dear friend Aster for helping me with the "7 sacrifices" picture!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy December! Here's a random blog post!


First of all, happy December, happy holidays in advance, happy winter in general!

So, my dear reader,
you miiight have noticed I haven't been very active on my channel OR on this blog, but there's a good reason... Rather, a reason :P

I work too much. Don't know for how long I'll have this sort of time schedule, but while I do, I barely have enough time for myself right now, or for anything else, really. I haven't been prolific at all when it comes to channel-ASMR related work, and I miss it so much!!!!

So I'll just update you on what I HAVE been doing in my (little) spare time.
I've been trying to make videos here and there, got a few props (see below) and trying to write a script or two for projects, whenever I get inspiration (or have time to act on it).
Also, here's a pretty prop I got that I want to make a video with:

Glorious, isn't it? The tingliest foam lotus flower I've ever seen :D I'm planning to make a video entirely dedicated to making sounds with this flower :D

I also just made a silly little ASMR video (rendering as I type this) featuring tea drinking, eating chocolate and acting like a true child :P Snapshot below:

Tis the season to eat some chocolate Santas

In other news.. I ve started playing a really cool game that my Bob suggested (Severen ASMR, *cough cough*)  :D 
He helped me install Steam and got me this amazing game called Don't starve Together, and I m quite obsessed with it! 
It's very Tim-Burton-ish and the goal is simple.. Stay alive and stay sane while you're at it XD

I felt the need to share this last gaming bit even if it s not ASMR/channel related, because honestly this game is super cool and I've never had a chance to play games like this before! 


These were my news! I hope that this short and random as hell post was fun to read, and if you have any requests, ideas, suggestions, feel free to contact me on my channel or my facebook page!

<3 Hugs, and stay warm out there people!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September is here!!! My thoughts, and projects to come

Good morning to you, person who is reading my post! I hope you re having a good day :)

Happy 1st day of September!
First of all, I would like to properly and formally squeal about the arrival of September, and I'll explain why in a moment..

Ok, To business. The reason I am SO excited about the arrival of September is this:

1. It signals the long awaited transitional period leading to Autumn (in my mind, it starts today)

2. The heat of Summer is finally over, no more being dozy all day, tired and sweating away in a zombie state from dusk till dawn

3. My imagination and productivity is starting to hit the roof now, due to... the lack of all I said in the previous point

4. Tis the season where I can wear my favourite boots, jackets, I can drink hot coffee any time of the day(not that I didn't before), I can go on long walks outside again, RAINY DAYS are coming, the colours of the leaves will turn, the grass will turn green again instead of yellow (yes, everything turns green in Autumn here)!

5. HALLOWEEN IS COMING TOO! Which brings me to my next bit of this post..

Future projects.

I already made my first Halloween-related roleplay a few days ago, because frankly, I wait for Halloween patiently every year, but this year I just can't contain it. I NEED to celebrate early! Autumn and Halloween are both two things that last so little, so I want to make them last as long as possible!

I am planning to make a bunch of Halloween roleplays if life allows it, and some of them are:

Mary the vampire (I already have filmed footage, but need to do elaborate editing)

Witch roleplay, casting spells and brewing potions

Fortune teller roleplay, part of a group collaboration (Shhhh)

Relaxing roleplay about giving away candy on Halloween

Spooky surprise roleplay which will be a tribute to a fav cartoonist of mine <3

That s what I have in my head so far :D I m hoping to do this and a lot more!

Thank you for reading this little thing :D

Have a wonderful morning/evening/night!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Motivation can be a... difficult mistress...

They say that making to do lists at the beginning of your day gives you tiny goals to achieve.

In my case it never helps, so I end up making finished to do lists at the end of the day, cause it gives me more sense of.. accomplishment? That way i can see what I did manage to do in my day, because my original plans always get derailed.. 

So today I did the above stuff on the list! I m editing two videos at the moment and about to film another one soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My mermaid is coming back soon to teach you some dark spells and incantations..
Here is a little teaser for you...

New bonus face touching video!

No talking, Just gentle hand movements :D

Bonus rubber gloves hand movements video!