Thursday, September 1, 2016

September is here!!! My thoughts, and projects to come

Good morning to you, person who is reading my post! I hope you re having a good day :)

Happy 1st day of September!
First of all, I would like to properly and formally squeal about the arrival of September, and I'll explain why in a moment..

Ok, To business. The reason I am SO excited about the arrival of September is this:

1. It signals the long awaited transitional period leading to Autumn (in my mind, it starts today)

2. The heat of Summer is finally over, no more being dozy all day, tired and sweating away in a zombie state from dusk till dawn

3. My imagination and productivity is starting to hit the roof now, due to... the lack of all I said in the previous point

4. Tis the season where I can wear my favourite boots, jackets, I can drink hot coffee any time of the day(not that I didn't before), I can go on long walks outside again, RAINY DAYS are coming, the colours of the leaves will turn, the grass will turn green again instead of yellow (yes, everything turns green in Autumn here)!

5. HALLOWEEN IS COMING TOO! Which brings me to my next bit of this post..

Future projects.

I already made my first Halloween-related roleplay a few days ago, because frankly, I wait for Halloween patiently every year, but this year I just can't contain it. I NEED to celebrate early! Autumn and Halloween are both two things that last so little, so I want to make them last as long as possible!

I am planning to make a bunch of Halloween roleplays if life allows it, and some of them are:

Mary the vampire (I already have filmed footage, but need to do elaborate editing)

Witch roleplay, casting spells and brewing potions

Fortune teller roleplay, part of a group collaboration (Shhhh)

Relaxing roleplay about giving away candy on Halloween

Spooky surprise roleplay which will be a tribute to a fav cartoonist of mine <3

That s what I have in my head so far :D I m hoping to do this and a lot more!

Thank you for reading this little thing :D

Have a wonderful morning/evening/night!

New bonus face touching video!

No talking, Just gentle hand movements :D

Bonus rubber gloves hand movements video!