Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy December! Here's a random blog post!


First of all, happy December, happy holidays in advance, happy winter in general!

So, my dear reader,
you miiight have noticed I haven't been very active on my channel OR on this blog, but there's a good reason... Rather, a reason :P

I work too much. Don't know for how long I'll have this sort of time schedule, but while I do, I barely have enough time for myself right now, or for anything else, really. I haven't been prolific at all when it comes to channel-ASMR related work, and I miss it so much!!!!

So I'll just update you on what I HAVE been doing in my (little) spare time.
I've been trying to make videos here and there, got a few props (see below) and trying to write a script or two for projects, whenever I get inspiration (or have time to act on it).
Also, here's a pretty prop I got that I want to make a video with:

Glorious, isn't it? The tingliest foam lotus flower I've ever seen :D I'm planning to make a video entirely dedicated to making sounds with this flower :D

I also just made a silly little ASMR video (rendering as I type this) featuring tea drinking, eating chocolate and acting like a true child :P Snapshot below:

Tis the season to eat some chocolate Santas

In other news.. I ve started playing a really cool game that my Bob suggested (Severen ASMR, *cough cough*)  :D 
He helped me install Steam and got me this amazing game called Don't starve Together, and I m quite obsessed with it! 
It's very Tim-Burton-ish and the goal is simple.. Stay alive and stay sane while you're at it XD

I felt the need to share this last gaming bit even if it s not ASMR/channel related, because honestly this game is super cool and I've never had a chance to play games like this before! 


These were my news! I hope that this short and random as hell post was fun to read, and if you have any requests, ideas, suggestions, feel free to contact me on my channel or my facebook page!

<3 Hugs, and stay warm out there people!

New bonus face touching video!

No talking, Just gentle hand movements :D

Bonus rubber gloves hand movements video!